Types of Electric Circuits


Types of Electric Circuits

An electric circuit can be divided into four types that are given below:

  • Closed circuit
  • Open circuit
  • Short circuit
  • Earth or leakage circuit

Closed Circuit

The complete path for the flow of electric through the load is called a closed, such as the glowing of electric lamps, heating of a press, etc.  Current flows only when the circuit is closed.types of electric circuits closed circuitsOpen Circuit

If any one of the supply wires is disconnected or the fuse burns out, then the current will not flow through the bulb. The circuit is then called an open circuit.Short Circuit

If the supply mains are connected directly by a piece of wire without any load, it is called a short circuit. Since, in this circuit the value of the current is much greater than in the closed circuit, fuse gets blown off.Earth or Leakage Circuit

If any wire of supply mains touches the body of an appliance, then it is called earth circuit or leakage circuit.

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