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Induction Type Wattmeter

get link Induction Type Wattmeter Induction type wattmeter can be used to measure as power only. In last article we have studied about dynamometer type wattmeter which can be used to measure dc as well as ac power. Working Principle  Induction type wattmeter works on induction principle. Construction of induction type wattmeter Induction type wattmeter consists of […]

Classifications of Overhead Transmission Lines

best place to buy provigil online 2018 Classifications of Overhead Transmission Lines An electrical energy transmitted from generating power stations to substations or grid through overhead transmission lines. A transmission lines has three constants resistance R, inductance L and capacitance C. These constants are distributed uniformly along the whole length of the transmission line. The line resistance cause voltage drop (IR) and […]

Generation of Electrical Energy

Generation of Electrical Energy An electrical energy is produced or generated by generator. The generator is coupled with prime mover prime mover is a mechanical rotating device that rotates the generated. Prime mover takes energy from different kinds of sources. The name of generating station is depends upon types of sources used. The different generating […]

Three Phase Transformers

Three Phase Transformers For Generation of electrical power three-phase alternators are employed at the power generating station. Usually large power is generated at high voltage. Transmission is generally accomplished at higher voltage of 132KV, 220KV, 400KV, and 765KV. For which purpose 3-phase transformers are necessary to step up the generated voltage to that of the […]

Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Instruments

Permanent Magnet Moving coil  Instruments (PMMC) Permanent Magnet Moving coil  Instruments  are  moving coil instruments. These instruments are very sensitive and accurate. DC voltage or current can be measured by these instruments. Principle of Operation The operation of PMMC instrument is based on the principle when a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field, a mechanical […]

Electrical Instrument

Electrical Instruments Electrical instruments are used to measure electrical quantities such as current, voltage, power, energy, frequency, power factor, resistance etc. To measure these quantities several instruments such as ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, energy meter are used. In simple words we can say that the instruments which are used to measure electrical quantities are known as […]

Dynamo Type Wattmeter

Dynamo Type Wattmeter A Dynamo type wattmeter variably used for measurement of ac power as well as dc power. Working Principle It works on the dynamo meter principle. According to this principle,  a mechanical force exists between two current carrying conductors when current passed through the conductors. Construction There are two coils are used in […]

Methods of Triggering of Thyristor

Methods of Triggering of Thyristor The method by which a thyristor is turned on is called triggering of Thyristor. In this process the thyristor brings in conducting state from non-conducting state. A thyristor can be turned on by any one of following techniques. In this article, we will discuss about different methods of triggering of […]

Push-Pull Amplifier

Push-Pull Amplifier The Push-Pull Amplifier commonly used in power amplifier. It is employed in the output stages of the circuits. It is used to get high output power at high efficiency. The audio power amplifiers used in transistor receivers, tape recorders etc. Distortion is greatly reduced by using push-pull operation employing two transistor in a […]