Semiconductor Diodes | PN junction Diode | Light emitting diode | Varactor Diode | Types of Diode

go here INTRODUCTION Semiconductor diodes is considered very important component for construction of electronic circuits. we know that domestic supply is in AC nature, So convert AC into DC Semiconductor Diodes are used and for various function in electronic circuits  special purpose  are used, such as Varactor diode, Light emitting diode, Photo diode, tunnel diode etc. In […]

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductor Materials

http://cobbstreetministries.com/author/eddiewpadmin/ INTRINSIC AND EXTRINSIC SEMICONDUCTORS INTRINSIC SEMICONDUCTORS The semiconductor available in an extremely pure form is known as intrinsic semiconductor. We know that a semiconductor at absolute zero temperature behave as an insulator because at absolute zero temperature valance band is completely filled and conduction band is completely empty. When some thermal energy is given to […]


robaxin no prescriptio Rectifiers We know that electrical energy is generated at power plants in the form of ac due to many reasons such as ac system is economical but for the operation electronic devices or circuits, dc supply is required cells and batteries cannot meet the demands. So there is conversion of ac into dc is necessary. […]

Semiconductor Physics and Materials

Semiconductor Physics and Materials Semiconductor materials are those materials their conductivity lies in between the conductivity of conductors and insulators Germanium, Silicon, Carbon etc. are the semiconductor materials. Due to some useful properties of semiconductors they are extensively used in electronic circuits. Before the invention of semiconductors as an electronic components tube devices are used […]

Electronics Component | Active Component | Passive Component

To perform a particular function, electronic circuits are designed by connecting suitable components. Theses components are active components and passive components. All the electronic circuits are contains these components. Both components are important to design a electronic circuits. ACTIVE COMPONENTS Active components are those components which are capable of amplifying or processing an electrical signal. […]

Fuse and Types of Fuses

INTRODUCTION Electrical Fuse is simple and cheapest device which are used for interrupting an electrical circuit under abnormal conditions (such as short circuit conditions, overload conditions etc). Fuses are used upto 66kv called high voltage fuse and low voltage fuse upto 400V. In this article, we discuss about definition of fuse, working principle and fuse, […]


 INTRODUCTION The electrical power is generated at generating station (such as hydro electric power plant, thermal power plant and nuclear power pant) which is located far away from the load centre. Electrical power is transmitted through transmission lines and distributed through distribution lines. For economical reasons, voltage is transmitted at high voltage and distributed at […]

Corona and Corona Loss

Corona is the phenomenon of the ionization of air surrounding the line conductor. When an alternating potential difference is applied between two conductors whose spacing is large as compared to the diameter of the conductors there is no change in the atmospheric air around the conductor, if the applied voltage is low. However potential difference […]

Three Phase Induction Motors

Three Phase induction motors An induction motor is most widely used ac motor in industrial purposes. More than 90% motors used in industries are poly phase or three phase induction motors. Advantages of three phase induction motors It is relative cheap. It requires less maintenance. Three phase induction motor has self starting torque. It has […]