Electrical Machines 

Electrical Machines are the machines that required electrical energy for their operation. These machines may be ac or dc (means what kind of supply requires for their operation). The ac machines are two types static and rotating machines. On the other hand dc machines are only rotating one. In this article we will study about the different kind of machines.

AC Machines

First of all we will talk about the AC Machines. AC Machines are two types static and rotating.

Transformers falls into the category of static machine it is used in generating station for raising the voltage level, used in substation for lowering the voltage to a suitable level. it plays an  important role in electrical engineering.

Three Phase Induction Machines are rotating machines, the application of these machines found in industries. these machines are cheap in cost and robust in construction. These motors are singly excited motors. Induction motor are two types squirrel cage induction motor and slip ring or wound rotor induction motor.

Synchronous Machines  are divided into two types synchronous motors and synchronous generators or alternators. Synchronous  motors are used to improve the power factor and synchronous generators are installed at power generating station  to generate electrical energy. Synchronous machines are divided into two types salient pole and non-salient pole type.

Single Phase Induction Machines are used for domestic purposes. In mixer grinder, fans etc. single phase induction motors are used.

DC Machines

These machine are doubly excited machines. DC machines are divided into two types DC Motor and DC Generator.

DC Motors are of three types:-

DC Shunt Motors are used where constant speed is required for all load. The characteristics of these motors are similar to three phase induction motors.

DC Series motors are used in traction system. These motors have starting torque. These motors have poor speed regulation. DC series motors can not run at no-load and with belted load.

DC Compound Motors