Interconnected System


Interconnected System

The connection of many generating stations such as hydro power plant, Thermal power plant, Nuclear power plant etc running in parallel is called interconnected system. The interconnected system may be two types (i) Integrated and (ii) Uni-integrated. An integrated interconnection results in maximum overall economy. But most of the system interconnections are unintegrated. An unintegrated interconnection the identity of individual not lost. There is no central control office like integrated interconnection system.

Advantages of Interconnection or Interconnected System

The interconnected system has many advantages. These are given below.

  1. It increases the service reliability. Maintenance and replacement of any equipment is required during its operation so if the system is interconnected it will increase the reliability. An electrical energy is generated from different sources, such as water, coal, nuclear etc. It the system is interconnected, then we will choose that plant where will have to pay less cost. During peak load we can receive or transmit energy from large capacity plant.
  2. Load growth necessitates additional transmission facilities. If the system is interconnected them we have a provision to add and replace transmission lines. It makes the system more reliable.
  3. Reserve capacity required is reduced with interconnected system we do not need reverse capacity of plant.
  4. Reduction in total installed capacity. An interconnection decrease the installed capacity needed to meet the load requirement. Different areas have different demands of electrical energy. In areas required less energy and at the same other area required more electrical energy. If two such areas are interconnected, the diversity of load would cause the maximum combined demand to be less than the some of the individual maximum demands. In this way, diversity factor improves.
  5. The interconnected system improves the efficiency of plants.
  6. Economical operation of station is ensured. We can choose that plant which has lower running cost in this way the system become economical.
  7. With system interconnection capital and maintenance cost is reduced.

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