Electro-mechanical Energy Conversion Devices


Electro-mechanical Energy Conversion Devices

We all know that energy exists in many forms, and we use numerous devices on a daily basis that convert one form of energy into another. When we speak of electromechanical energy conversion, however, we mean either the conversion of electric energy into mechanical energy or vice versa.


A device which makes possible the conversion of energy from electrical to mechanical form or from mechanical energy to electrical form is known as an Electromechanical energy conversion device.

Depending upon the conversion of energy from one form to another, the electromechanical device can be named as a motor or generator.

  1. Motor : An electro-mechanical device which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy is called motor.

Electromechanical energy Conversion Devices Motor

Applications of Motor

Electric Motors are used for driving Industrial machines:

  • Drilling Machines
  • Hammer presses
  • Lathe Machines
  • Shapers etc.
  1. Generator : An electro-mechanical device which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy is called generator.

Electromechanical energy Conversion Devices Motor generator

Applications of generator

Electric generators are used for generating electrical energy. Electric generators are installed at Hydro-power generating stations, Steam power generating stations, Nuclear power generating stations etc.

Electromechanical energy conversion is a reversible process except for the losses in the system. The term “reversible” implies that the energy can be transferred back and forth between the electrical and the mechanical systems. However, each time we go through an energy conversion process, some of the energy is converted into heat and is lost from the system forever.

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