Parallel Operation of Alternators

Parallel Operation of Alternators When the number of smaller units is connected in parallel instead of installing a large unit is called parallel operation of alternators. There are numbers of reasons, connecting alternator in parallel such as cost become less, maintenance and repair, efficiency and reliability of the power system. All the alternator of the […]

Applications of Synchronous Motor

Applications of Synchronous Motor Synchronous motor is constant speed motor. This motor is not used for drive heavy load. In this topic we will discuss about various applications of synchronous motor. The Synchronous motors are used for various purposes which are given below:- The synchronous motors are used in power houses and electrical substations in […]

Construction of Synchronous Machines

Construction of Synchronous Machines Construction of synchronous motor and synchronous generator is same. In this article, we will discuss about construction of Synchronous machines. Synchronous machines have following important parts Stator Rotor Stator Stator is outer part of the machine It is the stationary part of a synchronous machine. The stator contains following parts. Stator […]