Methods of Triggering of Thyristor Methods of Triggering of Thyristor The method by which a thyristor is turned on is called triggering of Thyristor. In this process the thyristor brings in conducting state from non-conducting state. A thyristor can be turned on by any one of following techniques. In this article, we will discuss about different methods of triggering of […]

What is Triac?

buy Prozac hcl online What is TRIAC? Triac belongs to thyristor family. The triac is the most widely used device in an alternating current applications. Basically, it is a combination of two SCRs connected in anti-parallel manner. Triac can conduct in both directions positive as well as negative of an ac supply. A triac is widely used in industries […]


WHAT IS DIAC? A diac belongs to thyristor family. Once it is triggered, it starts conducting in both directions. It is similar to diode but there is a main difference between diode and diac.  The diode conducts in one direction, when it is forward biased. On the other hand, diac conducts in both directions or […]

Silicon Controlled Rectifier

Silicon Controlled Rectifier  (SCR) Silicon controlled rectifier belongs to thyristor family. SCR is used in industrial application. It is used for controlling high voltage in the order of 10KV and current in order of 3000A. It plays an important role in industries. In this topic we will discuss about what is an SCR, construction of […]