Generation of Electrical Energy

An electrical energy is produced or generated by generator. The generator is coupled with prime mover prime mover is a mechanical rotating device that rotates the generated. Prime mover takes energy from different kinds of sources. The name of generating station is depends upon types of sources used.

generation of electrical energy

The different generating stations are

  • Diesel power generating station
  • Thermal power generating station
  • Hydro electric power generating station
  • Nuclear power generating station

Diesel Power Generating Station

In such type of power stations diesel engine is used as the prime mover for the generation of electrical energy. These power stations are used where other sources of energy is not available (such as, coal water etc). Diesel power stations are finding favour at places where demand of electric power is less.

Advantages of Diesel Power Station

  1. The design is quite simple.
  2. It occupies less space.
  3. It can be located at any place.
  4. It can be started quickly and pick up load in short time.
  5. Its cost is very small as comparatively other stations.


  1. The running cost of this plant is very high.
  2. The maintenance charges are generally high.

Thermal Power Generating Station

In such power station coal is used as fuel in boiler and steam is produced which is used to rotate the turbines. An alternator is coupled with turbines or prime mover which also rotates and electric power is generated.


  1. The fuel used is cheap in cost.
  2. It requires less space as compared to hydroelectric power station.
  3. The cost of generation of electric energy is less as compare to diesel power station.


  1. It pollutes the atmosphere.
  2. Running cost is high as compare to hydroelectric power station.

Hydroelectric Power Generating Station

A generating station in which potential energy of water is used to run trubines is called hydroelectric power plants. These plants are constructed where water is available in abundance. These plants are located in hilly areas.

Advantages of Hydroelectric Power Generating Station

  1. The useful life of this plant is around 50 year.
  2. Running cost is low.
  3. There is no stand by loss.
  4. These plants are free from air pollution


  1. High initial cost
  2. Generation of electrical energy is used to generation of electrical energy is called nuclear power generating station.

Nuclear power generating station

In this type of plant, nuclear fuel such as uranium is used as fuel to generate electrical energy.


  1. The amount of fuel required is small.
  2. A nuclear power plant requires less space.
  3. The operating cost is low.
  4. It can be located near the load centre.


  1. Skilled personnel are required.
  2. The fuel used is expensive.
  3. The disposal of radioactive material is big problem.