enter site Transistor Transistor is a three terminals (namely emitter, collector, base) three layer and two junction semiconductor device. It is used to amplify or process an electrical signal. A transistor consists of two two pn junctions formed either P type or N type semiconductor between a pair of opposite types. There are two types transistor. PNP […]

Zener Diode

order clomid cheap Zener Diode Zener diode is a special purpose diode that permits current not only in the forward direction like an ordinary diode, but also in the reverse direction. This diode will conduct in reverse biased only and only if the voltage is larger than the breakdown voltage. This breakdown voltage is known as “Zener Knee […]

Varactor Diode

Varactor Diode Varactor diode is a semiconductor variable capacitor, basically it is a reverse-biased junction diode whose mode of operation based on the transition capacitance. Varactor diode is also called varicap, voltcap, epicap, voltage dependent, variable capacitor. This diode consists of two junction P and N junction. P junction carry positive charge and N junction […]

Semiconductor Diodes | PN junction Diode | Light emitting diode | Varactor Diode | Types of Diode

INTRODUCTION Semiconductor diodes is considered very important component for construction of electronic circuits. we know that domestic supply is in AC nature, So convert AC into DC Semiconductor Diodes are used and for various function in electronic circuits  special purpose  are used, such as Varactor diode, Light emitting diode, Photo diode, tunnel diode etc. In […]

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductor Materials

INTRINSIC AND EXTRINSIC SEMICONDUCTORS INTRINSIC SEMICONDUCTORS The semiconductor available in an extremely pure form is known as intrinsic semiconductor. We know that a semiconductor at absolute zero temperature behave as an insulator because at absolute zero temperature valance band is completely filled and conduction band is completely empty. When some thermal energy is given to […]


Rectifiers We know that electrical energy is generated at power plants in the form of ac due to many reasons such as ac system is economical but for the operation electronic devices or circuits, dc supply is required cells and batteries cannot meet the demands. So there is conversion of ac into dc is necessary. […]

Electronics Component | Active Component | Passive Component

To perform a particular function, electronic circuits are designed by connecting suitable components. Theses components are active components and passive components. All the electronic circuits are contains these components. Both components are important to design a electronic circuits. ACTIVE COMPONENTS Active components are those components which are capable of amplifying or processing an electrical signal. […]