Underground Cables

purchase bactrim Underground Cables Underground Cables are used for transmission and electric poser in congested areas (Such as in cities, towns etc) at comparatively low at medium voltages. Usually, the underground cables used in congested cities or towns, substations, railway crossings and where safety is very important. However, recent improvements in the design and manufacture have led […]

Buchholz Relay

go site Buchholz Relay Buchholz relay is a protective and gas actuated relay . It is used in that transformer whose winding is  immersed in oil and rating having more than 500KVA. Buchholz relay is not used in small transformer because it increase the cost. It is used to protect transformer against internal or incipient faults only. […]

Bus-Bar Arrangements

Bus-Bar Arrangements When a number generators or feeders have same voltage then there is necessity to connect all unit electrically, bus-bars are used as the common electrical component. In this article, we will discuss about different bus-bar arrangements. What is Bus-Bar? Bus-Bar are thick copper rods which is operate at constant voltage and carrying an […]

Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCBs)

Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCBs) Since vacuum offers highest insulating strength, so it can use as arc quenching medium. The circuit breakers that use vacuum as a arc quenching medium, known as vacuum circuit breakers (VCBs). Construction of Vacuum Circuit Breakers It consists of two contact one is fixed and other is movable and these contacts […]

Valve type Lightning Arrester

Valve type Lightning Arrester Valve type lightning arrester is extensively used on system operating at high voltage. It consists of two parts. Series spark gaps Non-linear resistor discs The non-linear resistor is connected in series with the spark air gap. Both the assemblies are accommodated in tight porcelain container. It is also known as non-linear […]

Advantages of High Transmission Voltage

Advantages of High Transmission Voltage Electrical energy is generated at generating power station at voltage level 11KV. The generating power stations are for away from the consumer premises or load centre. The transmission lines are used to transmit electrical energy from generating station to load centre. If we transmit electric power at 11KV, then the […]


Reactors The electrical energy or electricity has become a part and parcel of our life. Electricity plays an important role of our daily’s life. The demand of electrical energy is increasing day by day. To meet this demand, the power system expands and become more complex. In this way fault level is also increased. To […]

Electrical Faults in Overhead Transmission Lines

Electrical Faults in Overhead Transmission Lines The occurrence of faults  in overhead transmission line is common thing. In this article, we will discuss about, electrical faults in overhead transmission lines, types of electrical faults and reasons of electrical faults. What is an electrical Fault?                An electrical fault is any defect in the electrical circuit due […]