EMF Equation for DC Machine

EMF Equation for DC Machine DC machine may be either works as a dc motor or dc generator. EMF equation is important for both. In case of DC generator an induced emf is called generated emf and in case of DC motors generated emf is called Back or Counter emf  The DC generator is rotate […]

Parallel Operation of Alternators

Parallel Operation of Alternators When the number of smaller units is connected in parallel instead of installing a large unit is called parallel operation of alternators. There are numbers of reasons, connecting alternator in parallel such as cost become less, maintenance and repair, efficiency and reliability of the power system. All the alternator of the […]

DC Motor

DC Motor DC motor is a electrical machine which converts electrical energy into mechanical. There are three types of dc motors which are employed at various industrial applications. The dc motors are classified on the basis of connection of field winding with respect to armature. Most important application of dc motor found in traction system. […]

DC Generator

DC Generator DC Generator is an electrical machine that converts mechanical energy into dc electrical energy. It is usually driven by some source of mechanical power which may be a diesel or petrol engine, steam turbine etc. Working Principle of Generator The working principle of dc generator based on the dynamically induced emf. It states […]

Characteristics of DC Series Motors

Characteristics of DC Series Motors The performance of DC motor can observe by its operating characteristics curve is called motor characteristics. In this article we will discuss about characteristics of DC series motors. Speed Armature Current (N-Ia) Characteristics The speed of a dc series motor given by the relation. Where is back emf and its […]

Characteristics of DC Shunt Motors

Characteristics of DC Shunt Motors In case of dc shunt motors, for constant supply voltage, the field current is constant. Hence, the flux in dc shunt motors is practically constant. In this article,we will discuss about various characteristics of dc shunt motor. Speed Current (N-Ia) Characteristics The speed of dc motor is directly proportional to […]

Applications of Synchronous Motor

Applications of Synchronous Motor Synchronous motor is constant speed motor. This motor is not used for drive heavy load. In this topic we will discuss about various applications of synchronous motor. The Synchronous motors are used for various purposes which are given below:- The synchronous motors are used in power houses and electrical substations in […]