Methods of Triggering of Thyristor

Methods of Triggering of Thyristor The method by which a thyristor is turned on is called triggering of Thyristor. In this process the thyristor brings in conducting state from non-conducting state. A thyristor can be turned on by any one of following techniques. In this article, we will discuss about different methods of triggering of […]

Push-Pull Amplifier

Push-Pull Amplifier The Push-Pull Amplifier commonly used in power amplifier. It is employed in the output stages of the circuits. It is used to get high output power at high efficiency. The audio power amplifiers used in transistor receivers, tape recorders etc. Distortion is greatly reduced by using push-pull operation employing two transistor in a […]

What is Triac?

What is TRIAC? Triac belongs to thyristor family. The triac is the most widely used device in an alternating current applications. Basically, it is a combination of two SCRs connected in anti-parallel manner. Triac can conduct in both directions positive as well as negative of an ac supply. A triac is widely used in industries […]

Conducting Materials

Conducting Materials Conducting materials are those materials which offers easy path to the flow of electric current. It offers low resistance to the flow of current. Silver, Copper, Aluminium, iron are the example of conducting materials. Conducting materials are subdivided into low resistivity and high resistivity materials. Low Resistivity Materials There are the materials which […]

Electrical Earthing

Electrical Earthing Earthing means connecting of the non current carrying parts of electrical device or equipment or the neutral point of the power system to the earth through a wire or conducting materials having very low resistance. An electrical earthing is very necessary for equipment and power system. It protects the electrical equipment and power […]

Interconnected System

Interconnected System The connection of many generating stations such as hydro power plant, Thermal power plant, Nuclear power plant etc running in parallel is called interconnected system. The interconnected system may be two types (i) Integrated and (ii) Uni-integrated. An integrated interconnection results in maximum overall economy. But most of the system interconnections are unintegrated. […]