Thevenin’s Theorem

buy propranolol (inderal) Thevenin’s Theorem Thevenin’s theorem was formulated for resistive networks by French physicist M. Leon. Thevenin, who proposed it in 1883. It may be enunciated as follows Any two terminal networks consisting of linear impedance and emf sources may be replaced by a single voltage source with a equivalent series resistance. It makes the solution of […]

Construction of Synchronous Machines Construction of Synchronous Machines Construction of synchronous motor and synchronous generator is same. In this article, we will discuss about construction of Synchronous machines. Synchronous machines have following important parts Stator Rotor Stator Stator is outer part of the machine It is the stationary part of a synchronous machine. The stator contains following parts. Stator […]

Construction of Three Phase Induction Motor

Construction of Three Phase Induction Motor Three phase induction machine can work as an induction generator and induction motor. But for most of the application, its performance as an induction generator is unsatisfactory. In this article we will study about construction of three phase induction motor. The induction motor has following parts Stator Rotor Stator […]


Transformer The Transformer is a static device that transfers electrical energy from one electrical circuit to another electrical circuit without change in the frequency but voltage level is usually changed. It may be stepup or step down transformer. The transformer has two winding one is called primary winding and other is called secondary winding. The […]

Induced EMF

Induced EMF When flux linking with a conductor changes, an induced emf produced in the conductors. This changes in the flux linkages can be obtained in the following two ways. Dynamically induced emf and statically induced emf. Dynamically Induced emf In this case, the field is stationary and conductors cut across it or field is […]

Kirchhoff’s Laws

Kirchhoff’s Laws Kirchhoff’s Laws are used to solve those networks or circuit where ohms law is may not be readily solved that circuit. Gustav Kirchhoff’s, a German Scientist, summed up his findings in a set of two laws which are called Kirchhoff’s Laws. Resistance of a complicated circuits and for calculating the currents flowing in […]

Electric Cells

Electric Cell An Electric cell is source of electrical energy. The cell gives dc current. The emf developed and current supplied by a cell is very small. The electrical energy can be stored in cell. Definition of Electric Cell A cell is source of emf in which chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. Forming […]

Induction Generator

Induction Generator In this article we will discuss about working of induction generator, various applications of induction generator etc. We know that when three phase wound motor fed by a three phase supply, the torque develops and rotor rotates. In this case, machine works as a motor and rotor runs less than the speed of […]