how to get Proscalpin Electrical energy is generated for away from the load centre due to some reasons such as to get sufficient water head for hydro-electric power plant, availability of water for thermal power plant, availability of water for thermal power plant etc. Then the energy is to be transmitted at considerable distance for town, cities etc. Transmission […]

Autotransformer | Construction Advantage and Application

Working or Operating Principle and Construction of Autotransformer The operating principle of autotransformer is same as two winding transformer. It  is one winding transformer i.e. the primary and secondary windings are inter-related.The construction of autotransformer is totally differ from conventional two winding transformer. It is a single winding transformer which is common for primary and […]

Single Phase Induction Motors

Single Phase Induction Motors AC motor is divided into two types three phase induction motor and single phase induction motor. Three phase induction motor are employed for industrial purposes for bulk power conversion from electrical to mechanical. But for small power conversions. Single phase motors are mostly used. Single phase induction motors are available in […]

Overhead Line Insulator | Pin Type insulator | Suspension type insulator | Disc Type insulator

Overhead line insulator is most important item. The overhead line conductors are naked and not covered with any insulating material. The line conductors are not directly connected to the line supports. These line conductors are firstly secured to the supporting structures by means of insulating fixtures, called insulators. Insulators avoid the current to flow through […]