Insulating Materials

Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2013 Insulating Materials Insulating materials are the materials that is able to insulate. It prevent the current flows through them. The materials that posses insulating properties is called an insulator. In this article, we will study about classification, Properties, applications of insulating materials. Classification of insulating Materials Insulating Materials are divided into three types Solid insulating […]

Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer Transformer plays an important role in the area of electrical engineering. Transformer is used either for raising or lowering the voltage of ac supply. It is used at electrical energy generating station where basically it raise the voltage level of an ac supply and it is also used at substations […]

Transformer on No-Load

follow url Transformer on No-Load Transformer on No-Load transformer, there is no iron losses and copper losses. The ideal transformer is not practically possible. In case actual transformer these losses are present. When an actual transformer put on load, there is iron loss in the core and copper loss in the windings. When secondary of the transformer […]

Induction Type Wattmeter

source Induction Type Wattmeter Induction type wattmeter can be used to measure as power only. In last article we have studied about dynamometer type wattmeter which can be used to measure dc as well as ac power. Working Principle  Induction type wattmeter works on induction principle. Construction of induction type wattmeter Induction type wattmeter consists of […]