Basics of Electrical Engineering

Electric Current

Resistance and factor affecting resistance

Ohm’s Law

Types of Resistors

Kirchhoff’s Current Law and Voltage Law

Voltage and Current Sources

Magnetic Circuit

Faraday’s Laws of Electromagnetic Induction

Lenz’s Law

Fleming’s left and Right Hand Rule

Power Factor

Eddy Current Loss

Difference Between Resistor, Rheostat and Potential Divider

Effect of electric shock on humans


What is Transformer?

Working Principle of Transformer

Transformer Construction

Difference Between Core Type and Shell Type Transformer

EMF Equation for a Transformers

Transformer on DC

An Ideal Transformer

Transformer on No-Load

Transformer on Load

Practical Transformer

Voltage Regulation of Transformer


Instrument Transformers

Losses in a Transformers

Why Transformer Rated in kVA or MVA?

Parallel Operation of Transformers

Conditions For Parallel Operation of Transformers

Difference Between Power Transformers and Distribution Transformers

Cooling of Transformers

DC Machines

DC Generators

Construction of DC Machines

Electro-mechanical Energy Conversion Devices

EMF Equation of DC Generator

Types of DC Generators

DC Motors

Back EMF

Applications of DC Motors

Necessity of Starter for a D.C. Motor

Three-point Starter

Ward Leonard System

Electrical Measuring Instruments

Electrical Instruments

Moving Iron Instruments

Permanent Magnet Moving Coil (PMMC) Instruments

Difference Between Ammeter and Voltmeter



Mechanical Resonance or Vibrating Reed Type Frequency Meter

Electrical Resonance Frequency Meter

Dynamometer Type Single-Phase Power Factor Meter

Dynamometer Type Three-Phase Power Factor Meter


Instrument Transformers

Difference Between Current Transformer (CT) and Potential Transformer (PT)

Electrical Transducers

Piezoelectric Transducers


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Question and Answers on DC Motors

Questions and Answers on DC Generators

Questions and Answers on Single Phase Transformers

Questions and Answers Electrical Measuring Instruments